Remix #6

FULL DUBSTEP! I got to go full dubstep with this one. It has a wonderful sounding vocal, so I brought all the glitches, growls, wobbles, and beeps that I thought would work with the voice and chord progression. I enjoy working in this tempo as well because there’s more room for some tricky drum fills and variation between the kick and the snare.

I spent three years playing bass in one of the top salsa/timba bands in Los Angeles and before that, four years playing bass for a salsa/timba band in Chicago. I noticed when I finished this track that the glitch bass line is in clave. I think that style of setting up rhythm must be completely ingrained in everything I do at this point, or maybe it’s a very natural and human way to hear music.

My hope is that this track takes you away to a meditative place where you feel good and can find a lot of energy. As always, please like and share with your friends.