Hip Hop release for Swag House Entertainment: TRVP.0

This is a hip hop release that I was the lead producer on last year. I also mixed and mastered the EP. Artist is Alonzo from Florida. I wanted to wait a while until the release had been out for a while to give the label a chance to have some album sales before putting up a player here on my website. When I got these tracks, the vocals needed a lot of work, due to the microphone not having enough high end. The label president wanted to go for an EDM meets Hip Hop type of vibe, and I think we were successful. There’s also a bachata rearrangement of a popular song in here, because we wanted to honor the Latin American roots of the many people who did work on this. Special shout out to singer Crystal, who had to do a lot of driving around to get this one done. I have another track with her singing coming out in 2016. If you like what you hear, click here to buy the album on iTunes. Click here to buy the album on Amazon. Please support tiny record labels and local artists.