Live Eurorack Improvisations Week of October 12th, 2020

Below are all my live improvisational explorations for the week of October 12th, 2020. Enjoy!

This is more of my process of using my film scoring rack to improvise live. Notes and gates are coming from the Stillson Hammer and Rene into a 4ms Tapographic Delay. I added the OB-6 to play chords, because sometimes you just really need a poly synth. A Make Noise Tempi is handling clock divisions, making this a 6/8 groove on the DFAM. Lots of randomization coming from the Frap Tools Sapèl. This was a really fun one to do.

This patch uses the René sequencer with crap tons of CV modulation from the 0-Ctrl, which is controlling direction and pitch CV of the sequencer. The pitch of the 0-Ctrl is independently patched out to an Instruo CS-L to make pads. I just got the Behringer 914, and I wanted to experiment with patching noise from the Frap Tools Sapèl. The DFAM is running a pattern where the VCA decay is being controlled from the 0-Ctrl strength output, so the drums change as the pads getting higher. Pressure CV is linked to the wavefolder on the CS-L complex oscillator. As always, tons of randomization of decay times and filter frequencies to keep things moving.

The Make Noise 0-ctrl is controller the René sequencer notes and snake patterns as well as direction. Two channels of CS-L combined with Maths, Frap Tools Sapèl random, and some delay. I’m driving the Basimilus Iteritas Alter with gates from the Stillson Hammer, with more random outputs from the Sapèl giving some pattern control. Once again filtering noise through the Behringer 914 filter bank into a Monsoon (clouds clone) with some more random voltages from Wogglebug. A Bubblesound VCOb is controlling the !!! inputs on QPAS. Super fun to control the sequencer from the 0-ctrl, and it makes my eurorack setup feel much more like an instrument.

This is a live eurorack improvisation using the Make Noise 0-ctrl with pressure CV assigned to the filter frequency of the QPAS, the wavefolder of the Instruo CS-L, and the cross FM of the 4ms Ensemble Oscillator. Lots of random voltages coming of the Frap Tools Sapèl, which is assigned to various places, including release times of the envelopes and pitch CV of the sequencer. Grooves coming from the Basimilus Iteritas Alter using the gates out of the Stillson Hammer. I used random CV to change decay times on the drums and make some notes drop out. Lots of arpeggios happening!

Make Noise released some free Morphagene reels a few days ago, and I took the opportunity to play with some drums that get gloriously glitchy when using the 0-ctrl to move the splice, gene, and shift functions. Instruo CS-L is providing the melodic stuff, and there’s a good amount of randomizing happening all over the place, including the Morph function of the Morphagene and release times on Maths. René sequencer is controlling all notes and Tempi is my clock divider. The QPAS filter has pressure CV from 0-ctrl assigned to it, and random voltages from the Wogglebug are assigned to the QPAS left and right radiate inputs. I have a Bubblesound VCOb going into the wild card input on the QPAS for more glitchy mayhem.