My cinematic music album is now on Bandcamp and other streaming services

This is a reminder that my concept cinematic album is available for purchase on Bandcamp and for streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, and all other streaming platforms!

Link to the album:

Here is the story of the album:

Dave and Alexa seem to have the perfect relationship to everyone that knows them. They appear happy, successful, and live in a cul de sac with no kids, but there are confrontations that no one sees or hears, unexplained broken furniture and bruises. 

Everything changes when Dave disappears. There is a police investigation. Alexa appears distraught. Three weeks go by, then a body turns up in a lake that is identified as Dave by dental records. There is another police investigation. How did he die? Was it suicide or was he drowned? The body is too decomposed to answer toxicology questions. Alexa makes some suspicious changes in her life, and the detective is suspicious, but there’s just not enough evidence, and she hasn’t gone too far. Alexa goes free. Another body turns up in the lake. As the album ends, we see Dave in the trees watching the body being pulled out of the water…